Lobo Mau Studio

Lobo Mau is a clothing company based in South Philadelphia. They recently moved into a new studio that features an atelier, as well as all of their production, including a massive table for printing their own fabrics. The studio is part of BOK, the revitalized high school that has been turned into a series of creative studios and workspaces.

It was such a pleasure being able to photograph such an amazing studio. There's nothing I love more than handmade production, great fashion, and a beautiful space!

Havana on 35mm

I recently visited Cuba for the first time. I decided that in order to travel light and push my photography further, that I would try to exclusively shoot film on my trip. I left my digital camera at home, and left with just 5 rolls of film and one 50mm lens. The images that resulted are some of my favorites. I can't wait to get back and challenge myself with film again in the near future.