Sunset at Bald Eagle State Park

Golden hour was approaching. We were headed home from a weekend exploring the woods, chasing wild elk, and playing in the fall foliage, but we wanted to squeeze in just one more minute of adventure before the sun set and we were back in the city. We quick got off the highway, and headed towards the first green spot on the map we could find.

We were met with a serene lake dropped smack dab in between some rolling hills and the sun shining it's last rays before setting for the night. This was a special sunset, for the sky didn't do its colorful dance, but rather, it shined upon the landscape, as though it was pretending to be a spotlight, for the last performance of the day.

Beyond the romance of the sunset, and its place in ending a great weekend, this sunset offered something else; a lesson, that no second is the same, and no moment is singular. Above are three photos taken of the sun during sequential, but entirely different moments within the same event. It's the breathtaking variety of such a seemingly similar happening that leaves a trace of magic behind.