Film vs. Digital: Fog on Saranac Lake

Film shots are always the most special to me. They're unfiltered and raw, and because of the cost of film, there's just less of them. You snap one shot, maybe two to get the image. Often I even forget most of the shots I've taken, only to be surprised once the film comes back from being developed. But, because digital is everywhere (hello, iphone) I find that most of the time I take a digital photo along with my film shots, often leaving me with shots of the same thing, but that look entirely different. Both are important and valuable, which leaves me with the ever present battle of film vs. digital.

The first photo was taken on a Kodak Retina 1a using expired Kodak Gold 400 film. The second photo was taken only a minute or two after with an iphone 5s. I love how both images captured such an ephemeral moment of golden hour fog, but in entirely different ways. I couldn't choose a favorite if I tried.