Daybreak Daydreams

Waking up at sunrise is never easy, but when the golden hour light hits, there's truly nothing more special. Something about the daybreak light that makes everything feel just that much dreamier. Sunrise in Joshua Tree turned out to be one of the dreamiest...


Cholla Cholla

More often than not, I avoid reading signs and plaques. However, at the parking area, the plaque stated "These Cacti look soft, but are in fact, very sharp. Do not touch."

I wasn't intimidated, but needless to say, I didn't really feel like cuddling with these cacti.

Drinking the Ocotillo Lunch

I'll never be the kind of photographer who patiently waits with a 400mm lens, but if I do see a hummingbird stopping for a quick lunch break, while my camera is can be damn sure I'm going to snap away.

Couldn't be more pleased to have enjoyed seeing this little guy take his time drinking the best of a springtime Ocotillo Blossom in Joshua Tree.

Nature never seems to disappoint, now does it?!