ONTOJEANESIS- Project Statement

Inspired by a pair of Levi’s from the 1930’s that were worn by my grandfather, then by my

mother in the 1970’s, and now by me almost 80 years after they were originally produced, it struck me that there are incredible stories woven into each and every pair of jeans. From their initial creation, to the people who wear them, and then to the people they get handed down to, each pair has a unique fade and story.

Ontojeanesis (working title) is a long term editorial photography project that explores the stories of the most democratic fashion item, the blue jean. By photographing scenarios ranging from cotton farms, to design studios, to hand crafted makers, to a variety of wearers, and even vintage resellers; the intent is to create a narrative arc that follows the life cycle of jeans from raw cotton to the faded and loved pairs that are handed down from generation to generation.

All photos taken as part of this project will be used solely for editorial or fine art purposes.