Madeline Tolle is an American Photographer, who was raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Art History from the University of Illinois. Following graduation, she moved to Philadelphia, PA to pursue a career in fashion. After several years of working in corporate fashion as a buyer, running her own jewelry line, and a series of events that make zero sense, but also perfect sense; she ended up working as a photographer focusing on commercial fashion and design projects. In the summer of 2017, Madeline moved to Los Angeles, where she now works full time as a freelance editorial photographer.

Her work focuses on highlighting the beauty of small moments of everyday life that are often overlooked amidst the chaos of the world around us. She is passionate about supporting small businesses, artists, and designers through her photography. Madeline has a curious mind and is open to exploring just about anything with her camera, but she is currently most interested in stories about the "American Dream," as it intersects with design and climate change.

Currently in LOS ANGELES

Available for assignment, commissions, travel:


Instagram: @_madelinejean_

Member of Women Photograph

Selected Clients & Publications:

Architectural Digest, Brooklinen, Byredo, Domino, Doré, Emme Parsons, Everlane, Field Mag, Flamingo Estate, Hodinkee, Homepolish, Intentionally Blank, Laney LA, Lori Goldstein, Mandy Cheng Design, Mohawk General Store, Palo Santo Studios, Rapt Studios, Shaina Mote, Shapeside, Sigil Scents, Suitcase Magazine, Remedy Place, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Wing, Transition State Design, We Work, Widell & Boschetti


Architectural Digest Pro 50 AD-Approved Photographer

American Photography 37

PDN Emerging Photographer 2018

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